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Quince wood branches, dried Quince sticks, Magical Tool, Wicca, shamanic wood supply, natural

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Quince wood branches, dried Quince sticks, Magical Tool, Wicca, shamanic wood supply, natural, set of 3

🌿 These twigs come from the old Quince which has over 35 years and she freely grow in my organic orchard. The twigs are carefully cut and they are naturally dried in a clean environment, besides the beautiful Ohrid Lake, which is under the protection of the UNESCO. 
Тhey have a beautiful brown- greenish bark with orange points. This is an old sort of Quince.

- set of 3

* the approx lenght 26.5 - 31 cm. / 10 "

* diameter approx - 5 - 9 mm. 

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☽ Quince Wood Magic Properties and Magickal Uses ☾

- Quince (Cydonia Vulgaris)

- Powers: Happiness, 💜 Love, Protection

Magical Uses and History: The Quince has a long and rich history and is connected with many deities, especially Venus/Aphrodite. Ancient Greeks believed it would protect you from the Evil Eye. 
Some text even reference the Quince as the fruit eaten by Adam and Eve in Genesis. 
In Croatia, Quince trees are planted when a baby is born as a symbol of love and life.

In Ancient Rome, a Quince was shared by the bridal couple to ensure their future happiness. It is also used to ensure fidelity. 

Carrying Quince seeds will protect you from evil, harm, and accidents. If you are worried about someone sending you negative energy, eat Quince seeds to protect you. Carry seven Quince seeds in a flannel bag, hang around your wrist to protect from harm.

Quince can be used in a number of spells including: love spells, marriage spells, protection magic, curse removal. 

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Thank you for looking! :) 

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