Thursday, November 21, 2013

Леб што не се меси

Овој леб е создаден за (не)домаќинки кои не се по месењето. Припремата е многу едноставна и не одзема многу време. Иако се пече, сепак е одлична алтернатива за лебот што секојдневно го наоѓаме во продавниците, а воедно и не содржи никакви состојки од животинско потекло!

Потребни состојки:
  • 1кг брашно (по свој избор)
  • 1 свеж квасец
  • 1 лажичка шеќер
  • 1 лажичка сол
  • вода (по потреба, отприлика 500-600мл)
  • ленено семе (по желба)
  • сусам (по желба)
  • ким (по желба)

Најпрво квасецот се активира во топла вода и една лажичка шеќер.
Брашното се меша со сувите состојки (сол, толчени семиња), па во него се додава активираниот квасец и вода онолку колку што е потребно да се добие густа смеса. Сето ова убаво се замешува (најдобро со дрвена лажица) и се остава на топло за да стаса.
Потоа смесата се претура во садот во кој ќе се пече (обложен со хартија за печење, или пак попрскан со брашно или семиња), по желба и одозгора се попрскува со семиња, и се остава уште малку да стаса.
Печењето зависи од густината на смесата, од рерната, а и од искуството на домаќинката :)  …се препорачува околу 15 минути на 200-220С степени, па потоа уште околу 15 минути на 180С степени.
Ако сте расположени за експериментирање, слободно може да му додадете разни зачини и други видови семиња според личниот вкус… Уживајте!

DIY Crochet Rug With Yarn & Old T-Shirts

DIY Crochet Rug With Yarn & Old T-Shirts

This Crochet rugs are made by Olga at

All you need is yarn, old T-shirts & crochet hook.

Now the images will guide you trough the process.

And that is it simple but really nice!
Thank you Olga for this tutorial!

finally. the rainbow beany. for free!

yes. you read that right! just finished this pattern and as a big fat thank you to all my loyal readers & followers, i will give it for free. so. grab yourself a nice hot cup of tea. or coffee. maybe some chocolate. or wine. who cares. you are on top of the world!
and if if if IF you were just thinking this would be an awesome idea to pin, so more and more of us crafty ladies can share in this free tutorial: maybe just maybe it's an even more awesome idea to use the picture above of my lovely Sanne (wow, what a teeth huh? she's changing, but man scary. haha). because the text on the picture makes it even more easier for people to pin and repin it. because i love my lady!
here we GO (oops i see now somebody stole my red yarn in this picture below or i forgot to place it, ahum, just picture RED in please):
grab your supplies. i've used "Paris Drops" yarn. because i love the thickness & colors! i bought it here. i've used my 4,5 crochet hook. (remember: make sure to measure, because everbody hooks differently. can't believe i just typed that. woehaa).
i started with yellow. obviously. make a chain of 4.
join in the first chain with a slip stitch to form a ring.
hello ring. "if you like it, than you should have put a ring on it. uh uh uh".
now we are starting with the first round. chain 3. (these count as your first dc :)
now crochet 2 more dc's INTO the ring to make a lovely set of 3 dc's in total.
after your first set of 3 dc -> chain 1, and than add another 3 dc's to the party.
and chain 1 again. then add 3 more sets of 3dc's, chain 1. in total you have 5 groups of 3 dc's (all separated by one chain).
join your first round into the top stitch of the first chain 3 (remember that one we counted as our first dc), BUT DO NOT SLIP STITCH. just put your hook through. we are going to change color!! watch me:
just a tip: i always crochet in BOTH loops, unless i tell you something else. watch closely. see the V? those are the 2 loops you want to have on your hook. YES you do.
make sure you have some length and then cut off. we are going to introduce a new color.
now we are adding the new color. remember: when adding new color to your crochet work: it's best to do that when you are about to finish the stitch on your hook. so in this picture above, i would normally pull up my yellow thread, and pull through. that would be my last action for this stitch. but since i'm going to change color, i'm going to do that last action with my NEW color. hallelujah.
here we go.
now the new color is on. but remember: the loose ends are still very loose. so if you are going to continue crocheting, make sure you hold those ends tight as you go now. especially the first few stitches you make, make sure you pull on tidy. otherwise you have some holes in your work you do not want to have. trust me on this.
with your lovely bright new color, chain 3 (which, you guessed it already, will count as a first double crochet).
make another 2 double crochets to 'finish' your first set of 3 double crochets. but look closely: try to weave in those loose ends AS YOU GO. i just hold my loose ends tight and crochet 'around' them if you know what i mean. that way they are nice tucked away under your work. you can thank me later. i love real dark chocolate.
after that first set of 3 double crochets: chain 1 and another 3 double crochets IN THE SAME CHAIN-1-SPACE from the yellow round (you see: i still have my loose ends in between, now it's time to cut them off).
this is how the back of my work looks like. see the arrow. yup. there are the 2 loose ends coming out. you only need to cut them off, and HURRAY those are done already (believe me, working in ALL those loose ends when you've finished your crochetwork is dreadfull :)
after your last set of 3 dc's, chain 1 and move to the next chain-1-space. here we are going to make another set of: 3dcs, chain 1, 3dcs.
finish this round. i've got 10x 3dc's. so the first row (yellow) has 5 sets of 3dc's. the next row (orange) has 2 sets of 3dc's in each open chain-1-space: so 10 sets of 3dc's. i hope that make sense. otherwise grab yourself some coffee and come back later. now join in the second dc of the first set of 3dc's (see my picture above).
slip stitch your way until you reach the first chain-1-open space again. i changed color again (remember: change color is explaned a few pictures above here, just remember to change the color when you are ready to finish off your stitch (last loop). you always should use the new color to finish off the stitch.
now chain 3 with your new color (counts as first dc).
this row is going to be different: we are going to make sets: 2 sets of 3dc's and 1 set of 3 dc's. as you see in the picture above. after your chain 3: make another 2dc, chain 1 and then 3dc's. chain 1 and move onto the next chain1-open space and make another set of 3dc. but NOT two sets. this row is: 1 set, 2 sets, 1 set, 2 sets (separated by a chain 1) all around.
i know, i know this doesn't look like a hat or a circle AT ALL. it's not your wine. or your sugar rush from the chocolate :). it's okay. just trust me and keep moving. again join in the second dc of the first set of 3dc's (see my hook) and slip stitch your way into the next chain-1-open space. remember: change color! (the red yarn has a total of 15 set's of 3dc's).
chain 3 with your new lovely pink yarn and add 2 more dc's to finish the set of 3 dc's.
after that first set, chain 1 and move onto the next chain-1-open space, make another set of 3 dc's, chain 1 and move onto the next chain-1-open space. here you create 2 sets of 3 dc's separated with a chain 1. so the pattern goes like this: *1set of 3dc, chain 1, 1 set of 3dc, chain 1, 2 sets of 3dc (separated with a chain 1), chain 1*, now you go and repeat what i typed between the *'s. look at the picture, it's no brain surgery.
wow, it truly is beginning to look like a circle. i told you! just keep counting. (the pink yarn has a total of 20 set's of 3dc's). join exactly the way you did before, slipstitch your way into the next open chain space and change color.
now we add a bit darker pink. the pattern for the sets is: crochet 7 sets of 3dc's in the next 7 open chain-1-spaces *crochet 2 sets of 3dc's (separated with a chain 1), 1 set of 3dc's, chain 1, 1 set of 3 dc's, chain 1, 1 set of 3dc's * continue the pattern i've typed between the *'s 3 times. in the last open chain 1 space you crochet 2 sets of 3dc's separated with a chain 1. join as you did before.
(the darker pink yarn has a total of 24 set's of 3dc's). -> just to make things clear: in the picture below you see only 20 set's of 3dc's clusters.... that's because MY little lady has a small head ;). if you kid is sized 'normal', than you should just follow the pattern above and you'll be fine! if you also have a small-head-child :), than stop increasing at the dark pink row (so 20 set's of 3dc's clusters). it will be a smaller beanie. sorry for being sooo confusing. but hey. i'm a girl.
if this doesn't look like a circle to you, you need some rest.
now, the hard part is done. from now on you are 'only' creating 1 set of 3dc's in each open chain-1-space. and ofcourse you chain 1 to go to the next open-chain-1 space. keep moving.
(the purple yarn has a total of 24 set's of 3dc's).

onto the next row. i choose a ligt blue/greenish color. again: crochet 1 set of 3 dc's in each chain1-open space and join with a slipstitch. my hat is upside down, obviously, and you can see it's getting some shape. this size will fit most children and even some adults (yes, my head isn't that big!). if you have a bigger head (or your familymembers are big-headers:), you simply need to make your hat wider by adding more sets of 3 dc's into the game. measuring is key baby.
ahhh it's starting to transform as a bowl. how lovely. so now you get to the bright blue / aqua and crochet another round of 1 set of 3 dc's in each open chain-1 space all around. chain 1 and move to the next space. join with a slipstitch.
another round, now with light green.
wooheee ANOTHER round, now take the darker green.
still with me? or did you throw it into the corner of the room already? don't give up! you don't know how my first crochet work looked like. Sanne kept laughing. i knew i would beat that and get her respect (now she's begging me to make stuff!). so on with the light brown! another round.
i swear, spray it with some stuff and it can be a lovely fruit bowl. onto the light grey! another round.
and another round with darker grey. i am such a sucker for rainbows. or anything brightly colored.
TAKE NOTE: now i made different finishes / edges for 2 rainbow beanies. the one above: when you are finished with your last grey round (if the head is bigger, you might want to add another round or 2 :). i picked up the lovely yellow color and crochet 1 single crochet in every stitch of the darker grey round. so 1 single crochet in every set of 3 dc's, but also 1 single crochet in the chain 1 space between. that stitch can be a bit itsy-bitchy :), but you'll manage. the first round is always the hardest.
with yellow: crochet 2 rounds of single crochets in each stitch
with orange: crochet 2 rounds of single crochets in each stitch
with red: that's a little bit different, because i wanted to make a subtle bobble in the edge. this round is made: *crochet 3 single crochets in the next 3 stitches, crochet 3 single crochet in the next (4th) stitch *. now follow this pattern between the *'s all around. lovely. finish off by joining with a slipstitch, work in all loose ends and you (or your beautiful kid) is ready to roll! holy smokes.
now if you want to make these lovely ear flaps, you need just to make a different 'finishing' to your rainbow hat.
let's go back to your dark grey round as your last round.
add another round of yellow. tadida.
and add another round of orange.
and add another round of red, i love how the bright yellow, orange, red combination peaks out on the bottom again. love love love.
after the red: add a round of single crochets in each and every stitch (so single crochets in the sets of 3 dc's but ALSO in the chain 1 spaces!). all around. after the light pink, change color to a bit darker pink and crochet another round of single crochets in each and every stitch.
now we are going to make lovely grey flaps (for those paying real close attention: yes i only have 1 row of light pink here... cause my little Sanne's head isn't that big, the 2 rows of light & darker pink were just too much, so i pulled that out. yes. i started over. twice actually. that's how it works. just keep going. giving up is for suckers. just so you know.
okay. the ear flaps. must be a more lovely word, but can't think of it. you just be happy i'm making this for you :).
lay your hat flat on the table and count your stitches. you do want your ear flaps to be, right, where the ears are! i have 60 stitches all around. if you have a few more or less: don't sweat. it's not like the stitch police is coming after you. well. i think not. you just re-calculate with your own total of stitches, where about the ear flaps have to be. dang, did you need that math from high school anyway huh!
so count 24 stitches on the left, then crochet 12 dark grey stitches, and if you did count 60 in total, you should have 24 stitches on the right side of the 12 dark stitches also. halleluyah, if this doesn't make sence, take some wine and feel sorry for yourself come back later.
so i'll explains in rows now:
1. in dark grey: 12 single crochets, turn your work
2. single crochet 1 in each stitch (12), turn your work
now we are going to increase -> ofcourse i meant DECREASE... the rows. you want a lovely shaped flap right. here we go:
3. we need to go from 12 to 10 so we need to decrease 2 stitches. we do that at the beginning and at the end of this row. so: single crochet 2 together, crochet 8 single crochets in the next stitches, single crochet 2 together (10 sc).
4. turn your work and single crochet in each stitch (10 sc).
5. we are decreasing again. we are going from 10 to 8: single crochet 2 together, crochet 6 single crochets in the next stitches, single crochet 2 together (8 sc).
6. turn your work and single crochet in each stitch (8 sc).
7. we are decreasing again. we are going from 8 to 6: single crochet 2 together, crochet 4 single crochets in the next stitches, single crochet 2 together (6 sc).
8. turn your work and single crochet in each stitch (6 sc).
9. we are decreasing again. we are going from 6 to 4: single crochet 2 together, crochet 2 single crochets in the next stitches, single crochet 2 together (4 sc).
10. turn your work and single crochet in each stitch (4 sc).
last time decreasing and a bit more difficult because there are only 4 more stitches left in the game!
11. we are decreasing again. we are going from 4 to 2: single crochet 2 together 2 times, (2 sc).
12. turn your work and single crochet in each stitch (2 sc).
now simply create another ear flap on the other side! just lay it flat and try to get the other ear flap a little bit in position where the other ear might be ...
not a finished look yet huh? i agree. let's add another lovely row of darker purple to finish this baby off!
i choose the darker pink (keeping the rainbow pattern alive :). i started where the back of the hat will be, so if you finish off that is on the back of the hat, and not in front :). if you've joined and left some light pinkish yarn, you can now perfectly use this to work in the ends as you go. as you see in the picture above. now simply crochet 1 single crochet in each and every stitch around. go around the ear flaps. especially on the sides of the ear flaps it might feel and look like side of stitches, that's because those are sides. just wiggle your crochet hook trough and make a lovely single crochet. that's how i rock. be free. and keep going.
da bomb. so here's the muppet with the beanie edge and on top of this blog post you see the rainbow hat with the flaps.
if you have any questions, just read what i say and quit bugging me i'm happy to help out, just shoot me an email!
o, and just so you know: this pattern is my own design. you are not allowed to sell it. it's for personal use only. i will bring my neighbors evil dog and hunt you down. they also have an evil cat.
now clap your hands, make a dance, take pictures of your hat & show them to me. or the world. pin them. facebook them. twitter them. let's make this a good one.
life is good. where's my hook?